Wo Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar Page 1

Wo Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar Page 1

It is special edition by Farhat Ishtiaq touching, soothing and romantic novel. Why do you want to do job here? It was serious question asked by a gentle man who was sitting in front of her. She look confused although she prepared herself for this question but again nervous. I mean why you want to do job in Peshawar asked one of the man. She took breath deep and said I was trying to have Government Job by a year but all in vain. So I thought to apply for job which may be is private but offers charming salary and benefits. She just forgot about, humanity serving, consoling and all and after the last question of the interview she left the room by shaking hand with one of the lady doctor. She was very nervous and she felt it was the longest interview of her life …………………………. See the full story to continue the Reading .

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