Seher Ik Istara Hai Page 1

Seher Ik Istara Hai Page 1

Seher Ek Istiara Hai is fabulous novel by Umera Ahmad.

She called me again today. Maryam please ask him to meet me once. She was weeping very badly. He don’t want to meet you I cannot do anything I said she shouted it is impossible that you say something and he refused actually you do not want to, and she cut the call. Well she was a little bit right too. I thought she has all why she wanted to snatch my single happiness. No more I am not that old Maryam who can sacrifice all now I have my own life and I can’t my life with anyone at all. Pats was clear I just close my eyes and saw her Aiman my sister very beautiful everyone’s darling but due to this love she turn to stubborn kid without thinking what is good and what is bad…………………………

Enjoy your story.

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