Neeli Roshni By Ibn-e-Safi

Neeli Roshni

Neeli Roshani is another very thriller novel by Inbe- Safi the most interesting thing about this novel is a Strange Blue Search light which was assumed to as a light of Death. The other thing is this case is solved without Imran Ali only Afridi and Hameed are prominent in the case they solve all the case. Afridi was called by the other area for investigating the case of stealing and smuggling gold. And that’s why he called Hameed too with him. When they reached to that city they come to know that people are afraid form some Blue light they thought that when it lies on someone it will be end of his life. One of the scenes also happens with the police officer. The very strange thing about his death was he was young but after he died his hair come white like an old man. For this investigation Hameed and Afridi suffers a lot. They got lot of injuries too. Woman name Renuka was also stayed where the both officers were and she loved Afridi but actually she was an informer of smugglers. Well, when they come to know they trapped her with trick but she ran away from the police and she caught Afridi at that stage Hameed helped him to get out. When they caught all the people who involved with that smuggling then Afridi told them that there is not any smuggling of gold they are all involve with the export of Uranium and they were doing this by showing they are digging ground for oil. The management and detectives of that area were involved with them and they also arrest some white people who were involved with it. Blue light just for fear actually they used gold bar to make people greedy and when they got closer they died because of radiations. But they make them fail with showing very braveness. This novel is full of fun and thrill. We hope you will enjoying to continue Reading.

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