Koi Lamha Khwab Nahi Hota Page 38

Koi Lamha Khwab Nahi Hota Page 38

Koi Lamha Khawab Nahi Hota is written by Umera Ahmad.

I will never come back here. It was the promise which she made with her one year ago. But today she was still there. Sudden she heard the voice of her cousin Momi you are late and by the way I am angry with you I called you three times and you didn’t come. Now all the family members were meeting with each other, in evening Mehndi function started but she want to run away from this noise she ran to the lawn and sit there. Next morning when she saw her aunt Nabila she was very confused she don’t want to face them all but they called her, Momi come here daughter………………………….

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