Koi Baat Hai Teri Baat Main by Umera Ahmed


Koi Baat Hai Teri Baat Main

Koi Baat Hai Teri Baat Main is very religious and spiritual novel by Umera Ahmad.

Doorbell was ringing continuously he was very disturb because of that but still was on the bed. He tried to open his eyes and watch the time it was 11. At last he got up and realizes that Jack the dog was already on the gate. When he opened the door the situation was totally different. There was 19 year old girl on the door and she was with red face because of the hot summer weather. He was in trance when she spoke, Assalam-o-Alikum sir actually we are new here. You know all are christens here I want Quran for recite you do have it. It was very strange wish………………………..

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