Khushboo Badal Chand Hawa page 5

Khushboo Badal Chand Hawa page 5

It’s romantic novel by Farhat Ishtiaq

Doctor told his father that X-rays are not telling the good news she has fracture in the back bone in her car accident when she listened this she was irritated like she has to spent many days in the hospital like jail. She was thing all but due to the heavy dose of medicine she was sleeping. Next morning when she woke up she was angry on her nurse her nanny was making tae for her when her parents came to see her, very busy father and a step mother. Her father started to scolding her but mother said no sweet heat she is not responsible for this accident her mother was not like cruel step mothers and she was not like Cinderella but both have a cold blooded relationship between them………………………..

Hope you will continue to enjoy reading.

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