Himaqat Ka Jaal Page 2

Himaqat Ka Jaal Page 2

Himaqat Ka Jal is another very great interesting story by Ibne- Safi from the Imran Series. In beginning of the story a part is discussed about an association which is to be pretended like it has the entire foolish person and they all are here to control their lives with happiness and patience but in actual it was great mafia who make members from the Government jobs so they can know the secrets and they were stealing oil form the pipeline and make it waste. But Imran and his fellows Safdar, Julia, Roshni played very important role. An interesting criminal introduced in this novel who was stealing oil and in society he was the president of the foolish association. Very Interesting flow of story continues when it come to know that they target women first specially work in Foreign Office for the official news and information but Imran failed his all tries and at last in fighting the president whose name was “Rangoon Wala” set the mine bomb and died in it too. Hope you will continue to enjoy the Reading.

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