Heeron Ka Fareb Page 1

Heeron Ka Fareb Page 1

Heeron Ka Fareb written by Ibne-Safi is a novel full of suspense from Imran Series. As name shows this is about one robbery which has the great worth. This is the novel where the case start within an outing place and the first victim was the thief too. He was there in some other appearance. But he was not alone there is an old man which is very interesting character in this novel and one girl also has the role. In Heeron ka Fareb Imran works with his team mates, Julia, Joseph and Safdar. There was great confusion about the victim named Dawar. But at the end Imran solve the case that the old man named Shatir was the leader of this robbery which made from “Sadi and sons” which was famous for the jewels and Diamonds. One of the clerk counter form the hotel was also involve in this Robbery. In some place it is also come to front that the victim was an imposter. There was gang Imran fight with them help the police to catch them.

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