Bhayanak Aadmi Page 21

Bhayanak Aadmi Page 21

Bhayanak Aadmi is another thrill of Imran Series by Ibne- Safi. In this novel again Imran at the place of his mission hide his original identity and in this Case there is another lead Character which rotates along Imran in the whole story is Roshni who is hiring Lady but the scene changes at end and Imran gave her very important place. The title of the story is “Bhayanak Aadmi’ because in this a person come with the cut ear and looks very ugly a member of gang who supply drugs Imran meet them like he is very lively and a little careless rich young man because he wanted t trap their black money secret place and business. But at one place Imran trapped by them but he manage to escape. So, it is a little twisty how Imran make them foolish.

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