Amar Bail Page 636

Amar Bail Page 636

Amar Bail is very impressive novel which indicate a very important part of our social circle. It is not any type of conserves but a little awareness toward our moral values. Umera Ahmad is the writer of this novel.
Umar is coming tomorrow grandmother told her and she forgot to eat her breakfast. Why is he coming? I don’t know grandmother asked he just said I am coming for some time because he is leaving foreign services and going to join Police force. She was in shock why he is doing this. Is uncle knows about it? Have they any quarrel. I don’t know grandmother asked carelessly………………
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  1. Replytehreem tough to read again….after 10 yars…i am reading this novel again after 10 years.. nd my vision of life is now wide and open nd can understand the writer depth behind this novel…..she is true i even cant feel hate for him….
    when i read this novel early i was in college then we were in full masti nd enjoument mode…and we use to laugh at her…but now during reading this i am missing my all college mates…thar time….university well in the end i wept for ……..aleezay..junaid….nd miss that heart broken gem….
    khalil ul rehman …famous writer justifies after the murder of afal…that when some body died he lives in ur heart,,,,,,,,u feel much relax…..
    i think he is true that umar jahangeer is living in ur hearts
    so beautiful novel….i experianced very good to read again……
    cherishing my all beautiful memories associated with this
    super umera geee
    admin good effort…..

  2. ReplyDua ch

    That iZzz amasing…… I have no words to desire it………… it is heart touching novel; i’m get many lesson 4m this novel I love with personality of UMAR JHANGEER

  3. Replymahneez

    this story is too emotional. Every circumstance which faces umer jhanger is hard, wishes he were not died at the end.
    I appreciate umera Ahmed to you, what a knowledge she share to us . I basically don’t know about civil service and politics but now i really understand the depth of politics.

  4. ReplyHUMA Shams

    Each a great and informative novel . I love umar jahangeer.but ousy aesy nai Jana chahiay galat he. I can’t believe it?

  5. ReplyMuslim shaikh

    In the middle of this novel I thought ye farhat ishtiaq ke novel bin roye ansoo ki tarha hoga .it means that artaza or saba ki tarha aleeza or omer bhi last mn mil jaenge.lekin omer kay marjane ka andaza counting start hui tab hua .lekin mujhe khushi hai k akeeza normal ho gai.

  6. Replyamma

    A good read.EXCELLENT novel must say.Its my first novel to read online and was a good experience.All characters seems to be realistic and end was also real …life is like that,may be my point of view is different froe thm others about the ending of the story

  7. ReplyAqsa Mumtaz

    I love this novel And really very heart touching novel, thoda sa dukh hua umer ki death ho gayi but khushi bhi hui k aleeza normal ho gayi and moral is zindagi main bht Kuch face krna prta hai Aur Allah tallah ki azmaishen bhi bht hoti hain is liye hmen Sbr krna chahye Har haal main…

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