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Action Agency Page 1

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Action Agency by Mazhar Kaleem M.A is detective, Spy, Action and Adventure novel. It is one of the prominent novel of Imran Series. In this novel a new military chief Miss Rita is in action agenc located at Kafiristan. Her mission was to smuggle out Pakistan missile defense system and a famous scientist Dr. Azam and she successfully done her job. Ali Imran was the agent of secret service and was working on the sudden disappearance of Dr. Azam. Pak-asian secret services fails to find any trace of Dr. Azam and ask for foreign agency help. With the help of foreign agency Ali Imran enters in Kafiristan and start searching for Dr. Azam. How Imran goes into Kafiristan, How he finds the trace of Dr. Azam and how he trap into new situation and how to rescue the Dr. Azam. It’s the thrills of this novel and you will surly find it thrilling and full of adventure. So start reading now and don’t forget to share it.

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