Aab-e-Hayyat by Umera Ahmed

Aab-E-Hayyat is Umera Ahmad’s very spiritual writing which is going on these months. It is the second part of “Peer-e- Kamil” it again holds the life of Salaar Skinder and Umama.
She saw Salaar was coming towards her with holding the glass of cold drink in his hand. What are you sitting here? He asked nothing serious she said I was here for having my shawl and then just sat here. She was standing with the swirl and enjoying music. Salaar gave smile to her and then he said I want to give you something and took out small case with the beautiful earrings as same as her father gave her, she became sad Salaar came to her and asked if you don’t want I can replace it but she wore them………………………
Enjoy next part by continuing the story.


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