Dasht-e-Arzoo By Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

Dasht-e-Arzoo is a very good novel written by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed. It is the great story written by her. The interesting thing which describes in this novel is that children are the reflection of parents. Dasht-e-Arzoo is the story about love, care and revenge. All the characters presented very amazingly. In novel Dasht-e-Arzoo writer told that our past always is a part of our lives and it may reflect in the present and future of our children. So be good at all otherwise in some stage of life you will never be able to see in children’s eyes. It is story about hate, jealousy and revenge. On the other side it is the story about love, care, trust and affection. The interesting characters of novel Dasht-e-Arzoo are Momal, Zullnoon, Konain, Khizra, Anas, Kiran and Minal. Read Complete Dasht-e-Arzoo Online here.


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